Of larger works, I have translated five books. These deal mainly with Christian topics (Christianity is my field of preference).


1.   G. Verwer. No Turning Back (© in Estonian by Operation Mobilization 1995).

2.   Mary Batchelor. Opening Up the Bible (© Estonian Bible Society 1998).

3.   F.F. Bruce. New Testament History Christian Publishing Society “Logos”, Tallinn, 2000, ISBN 9985-9274-2-7).

4.   H.T. Blackaby, C.V. King. Experiencing God (in press).

5.   J.C. Dobson. Love Must Be Tough (© Christian Publishing Society “Logos”, Tallinn, 2000, ISBN 9985-9299-5-0).


Of smaller works, I have translated texts from a variety of fields, including agriculture, art, defectology, economy, electronics, ethnology, forestry, geodesy, informatics, law, linguistics, medicine, mining, psychology, shipping, sociology, sports, transportation and tourism.